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Optimal Weight/Weight Loss

LifeSteps Health & Wellness Clinic will help you to achieve your optimal weight goals. We work with you individually to determine a plan that is appropriate for your health, life-style and level of commitment.

Chrononutrition Dr. Gifing Weight Loss Program

Chrononutrition Dr. Gifing Weight Loss Program
Lifesteps Health & Wellness is now offering for the first time in America the health program developed and patented in Europe called “Chrononutrition Dr. Gifing”. ChronoNutrition is more than just a diet; it’s a whole new way of eating that follows the natural rhythm of the body as it secrets enzymes & hormones to break down the different types of foods we eat in a very calculated & organized way. ChronoNutrition optimizes our body’s requirements by eating specified foods when they are most useful & advising what foods to cut out at other times. This helps eliminate those excess pounds caused by the storage of nutrients the body has not broken down and further preventing the storage as fats. The program does not involve counting calories, weighing foods; cutting fats, there are no forbidden foods. Chrononutrition can be applied at all times, at work, home, on vacation or a business trip! It can be applied for your entire family, focusing children now for a long and healthy life. With Chrononutrition not only can you lose weight, but this method will also balance out your figure to be well proportioned without those ‘problem areas’. Those with sugar cravings and high cholesterol will be able to reduce them with the supplementation of herbs. The program will improve your general health and reduce your likelihood to suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Those suffering from common diseases of metabolism can reduce their cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, and blood pressure.

InBody 720
In conjunction with the Chrononutrition Dr. Gifing program Dr. Stula is proud to introduce the new state of the art technology of the InBody 720 to the Lifesteps Health & Wellness facilities. The InBody 720 is the precision body composition analyzer; it is FDA approved and uses internationally patented technology. InBody 720 provides a complete snapshot of your entire body with non-invasive testing, comprehensive results, and all the essential data for monitoring your health and fitness goals. Just a few of its uses include assessments of fitness and nutrition, hydration status, obesity management, weight loss control, examinations preventing geriatric diseases, sports medicine focusing on body development and balance, targeted exercise prescriptions, and much more!!

Everyone is unique and we want you to be successful. For some of our patients merely getting their hormones in balance, or treating adrenal fatigue and thyroid conditions is enough help for them to lose weight. Some of other patients have been challenged with weight issues for many years and require a different type of support.

HCG Weight Loss Program
LifeSteps Health & Wellness Clinic recently tested the HCG diet that was explained in Kevin Trudeau's book, The Weight Loss Cure,"They Don't Want You To Know About." Our staff has been successful with this program and they are happy to reassure interested patients that they do not feel hungry, and they have energy. What is most exciting, the weight being lost is coming right from the body's troubled areas. This program is for someone that needs to see results quickly. Options for the program are daily injections or sublingual tablets or drops for either 23 or 40 days. For people that need to lose greater amounts of weight, the protocol may be followed again after 6-8 weeks. LifeSteps charges a program fee which is not be billed to your insurance plan. At LifeSteps Health & Wellness Clinic we offer patients a 10 week HCG program.
Your daily injections which will be pre-filled at the clinic, currently cost less than $5 each. LifeSteps charges a program fee which is not billed to your insurance plan.

Individual Weight Loss Plans
LifeSteps Health & Wellness Clinic is also able to offer weight loss plans that are customized for you working with our lifestyle counselor. Some plans may include supplemental support; others may just involve behavior modification. Many insurance plans will cover nutritional and dietary support provided by our clinic.